Have you considered how using the Data Warehouse might benefit your Firm?

What is the Data Warehouse?

The LMS Data Warehouse is an easy to use and understand collection of financial statistics available to users of the system that provides easy access to the information critical to the decision making process.  The LMS Business Intelligence Dashboard provides the functionality to access the Data Warehouse.

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  Advantages of the LMS Data Warehouse for your Firm

  1. Puts all of your Firms statistical data in one single repository
  2. Provides high level summary information of Firm operations
  3. Eliminates the need to learn the LMS Database
  4. Eliminates the need to understand complex joins
  5. Allows for timely data analysis
  6. Provides month and year to date analysis
  7. Takes your raw data and summarizes it into a useful and manageable table
  8. Provides detail at various levels
  9. Allows you to quickly and easily find the information you need to make the best decision for your Firm's future
  10. Allows you to make comparisons and see trends and changes

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Workflow Testimonial

"One of our best success stories is with the Workflow module.  The electronic Check Request functionality has totally changed how we've approached a lot of administrative aspects of our Firm.   Our previous process was cumbersome and convoluted, wasting time, paper, etc.   At least six steps have been eliminated today"

Paul Walker, Controller Snow Christensen & Martineau

Paperless Efficiencies

Going paperless is only as beneficial as the work flow systems you implement around it.

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