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Virtual CIO
Virtual CIOEffective Information Technology (IT) is key to your organization's success. IT represents a significant portion of your budget. Information Technology is in constant flux.  Business executives are not IT experts. Other responsibilities prevent business executives from spending more time in this critical area. 

Examples of IT Strategy/Project and Operation Examples

  • Align IT strategy and focus with overall business objectives
  • Business system technology planning
  • IT budget analysis (Upgrade system? Outsource development? Hosting?)
  • Cloud Computing
  • Quarterly reviews of IT results and plans
  • Project planning and management
  • Personnel reviews and recruiting
  • Software evaluation
  • Key Questions

    Virtual CIO
    • How do you make the right IT Strategy and spending decisions?
    • How do you keep up with the technology?
    • How do you manage IT operations?

    Large Firm Solution

    Virtual CIO

    Large corporations have CIOs (Chief Information Officers) to manage IT operations and help top management make the right IT strategy and spending decisions. Small and mid-sized companies have the same problems to address and the same needs for CIOs as large corporations, but they can not afford CIOs full time.

    Long Term Relationship

    Virtual CIO
    • You get top quality IT Executive Expertise when need it .
    • Pay only for the time you use
    • Virtual CIO is a professional resource like your CPA or attorney.
    • Virtual CIO methodology is designed for small and mid-sized operations.
    • Virtual CIO complements your current IT skills and staff.
Virtual CIO Provides
  • Access to IT expertise
  • Executive guidance on IT issues
  • Updates and input on new IT technologies
  • Outside perspective based on broad experience
  • Web site dedicated to your organization for management of the team activities