e.ssential Enterprise Portal

Designed specifically for small to medium size businesses, e.ssential™ combines a rich, declarative environment for creating a portal Web interface, publishing and managing information, accessing dynamic data, and customizing the portal experience, as well as an extensible framework for application access.  Using e.ssential, businesses have the power to connect employees, partners, and suppliers with the information they need and the flexibility to create views tailored to each community.

Engine Features Customization Features Security
  • JSR-168/286 Portlet Rendering
  • Web 2.0 Client-Side
  • Portlet Caching
  • Portlet Timeout Tracking
  • Parallel rendering on Websphere 6.1
  • Fast Preferences Engine
  • Portlet - Web Part Generator
  • Portal Page Customizer
  • Desktop Page Customizer
  • Nested Fragment Customization
  • Drag and drop moving of portlets
  • Resizing of desktop portlet windows
  • Portlet Selector with Categorizations
  • Customizable Themes (Skins)
  • Extensible Security Model
  • Portlet-level Security
  • JAAS Database Security Policy
  • SSO (Single Sign-on)
  • Delegation of Security
  • Administrative actions logged
  • LDAP Synchronization
Portlet Selection Screen

Portlet Selection Screen




Portlet SelectionThe user interface is entirely graphical.  The image to the left illustrates the search and selection of a portlet to be added to a page.   This is just one illustration of the numerous features available for creating a custom portal for your site.   (Click Image to Enlarge)






Other Features
  • LANSA Portlet Generation
  • Google Support
  • Data Base Browser
  • 5250 Emulation
  • Excel Download
  • File/Document Sharing
  • IBM AS/400 - iSeries - Poweri